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Fluoride Free Sacramento is a diverse group of Sacramento citizens from all walks of life, concerned about our health,  human rights and the environment, Some of us were active in 1995 and spoke out before the ill conceived practice of water fluoridation was forced on us by a legal mandate.

Other are new to the issue, but are passionate advocates for health, who think pure water should be a human right. We selflessly donate our time and efforts to educate our fellow citizens and local officials. Our goal is to stop the controversial and environmentally unsound practice of using Sacramento’s public water supply to deliver a drug that causes a physiologic response in the human body.
FFS members include local doctors and dentists, who are among the over 4,300 professionals (as of 2015) who call for the end of water fluoridation now. This growing list of professionals have signed on to this Professionals' Statement.

We reject the notion that there is no harm caused to humans from ingesting sodium fluoride (fluorosilicic acid) at even small amounts and are skeptical that there are little if any benefits to our children’s teeth when ingested. It is our belief that the leadership of a free society is violating the rights of it’s people by medicating them without consent.
Our mission is to inform the public of this issue and educate our city officials in an effort to end water fluoridation in Sacramento. If you feel the same, please join us and get involved today.

If you have any questions or to join, please email us. We cannot do this without you. Please email us today to get involved.

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