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Fluoride and Water Fluoridation Handouts
Please help educate everyone in Sacramento. Print and distribute freely. Guess what? Even your dentist is out of the touch with the recent studies and developments on fluoride.

  • 10-Facts-about-Fluoride.pdf 10 Facts About Fluoride
    This full color fluoride handout includes over 50 references on the 10 facts about fluoride. A good introduction to the water fluoridation issue. Produced by F.A.N.

  • Fluoride-Proponent-Claims-Rebutted.pdf
    How do you respond to claims made by fluoride promoters? See; "A Response to Pro-Fluoridation Claims," from The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett PhD. It rebuts forty claims used to sell water fluoridation with facts and common sense. Now you have the answers when responding to dentists, council members, and other misinformed supporters of water fluoridation. Thanks to Paul Connett and FAN (Fluoride Action Network) for this sample chapter from his book.
  • April 2013 Handout.pdf
    This handout combines FlourideGate, the Civil Rights Leaders Call for Halt to Water Fluoridation story, the Hispanic Civil Rights Organization Opposing Fluoridation story, and the Top Fluoride News of 2011 in highlights. Plus, the Professionals' Statement and "What Do You think Sacramento?", all on two pages.
  • Civil Rights Leaders Call for Halt to Water Fluoridation.pdf
    April 14, 2011 - Because fluoride can disproportionately harm poor citizens and black families, civil rights leaders, Andrew Young and Dr. Gerald Durley, have asked legislators to repeal water fluoridation law.
  • Professionals Speak out on Fluoride.pdf
    Statements by medical, science and law professionals on the negatives of fluoride and water fluoridation.
  • Professionals-Statement.pdf professional statement on water fluoridation
    As of July, 2013 over 4,500 Medical, Scientific, and Environmental Professionals have Signed the Statement Calling for End to Fluoridation Worldwide. See F.A.N. page for more info.

  • Parents Should be Warned.pdf
    A new study confirms infants fed formula reconstituted with fluoridated water are at greater risk of developing discolored teeth (dental fluorosis).
  • Why I Am Now Officially Opposed to Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water.pdf
    By Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS Associate Professor and Head, Preventive Dentistry
  • The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation.pdf
    By Dr. Paul Connett was a chemistry professor at St. Lawrence University New York,  where he taught for 23 years. His specialty was environmental chemistry and toxicology. He has researched the literature on fluorides toxicity for over 10 years.
  • The above handouts are in Adobe PDF format.

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